The ecological vocation

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People around the globe, religious and non-religious, are beginning to live the ecological vocation.

Among many religious people, traditional spiritual practices are returning, now in an ecological key. Each practical act represents a conversion to the Earth.  

They commit themselves to:

• Contemplation: Aware of the beauty of natural world, they look upon it with love:  “Seeing that the bush still burns, we take off our shoes.” (Ask the Beasts p.282)

• Asceticism: Aware of the needs of others, they adopt forms of self-denial for the good of all living beings.

• Study: Aware that their understanding is only partial, they commit themselves to learning more about the needs of the earth and all its species.

• Community life: Aware of the community of creation that surrounds them, they also recognize the power of community in human life. They support – and are supported by – local communities committed to the earth and to prophetic action on its behalf .

• Prophetic action: Aware of suffering ecosystems and suffering species, they work together to establish justice for the earth.

Beasts green earth 2

And so Ask the Beasts ends with a final question:


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