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  What is “Faith Matters”?

This blog includes notes and questions for book discussions (see the partial list above), as well as occasional Sunday homilies given at St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church, Los Osos, and at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cambria.

     And who am I? 

I am an Episcopal priest, now living into my third “retirement”.

From 1986 to 2006, I served as rector of two Episcopal parishes –
Christ Church in Oberlin, Ohio and St. Paul’s in Cambria, California.

After “retiring” from St. Paul’s, I served another ten years as Associate Priest
at St. Benedict’s, Los Osos, leading discussions of the books and ideas that stimulated my mind and touched my heart. (You’ll find many of those book studies on this blog.)

After “retiring” from St. Benedict’s, I’m now simply writing reflections on my own life – a life lived in growing faith in the God of Jesus Christ.

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Donna Ross