The First Witness

Mary Magdalene

Magdalene preaching
Mary Magdalene proclaims the Resurrection
illumination from the Albani Psalter – Germany, 12th century

Who was I?

The Scriptures say I came from Magdala, a little village on the Sea of Galilee.  They say I was one of the many who were healed by Jesus.  They say that after my healing, I became one of the disciples who followed Jesus (and yes, the scriptures say women followed him, too).  If you read the New Testament, you will see that we were respectable women, and some of us were wealthy; we helped provide for him as he traveled through Galilee and Judea.

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Martha the Worker

Martha icon
Martha: a traditional icon

Inspired by the Gospel of John, chapters 13-17

We were all there, you know. When John told the story, he spoke about Peter and Andrew, Thomas and Philip and all the others – even Judas was in the story – but he didn’t mention us. (Not that we expected to hear our names, that wasn’t the way it was done. The women were always there, but our names were never included.)

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