Conversion to the Earth?

Beasts green earth 2

Seeing the earth through a wider lens:

Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love conducts a dialogue between Darwin’s Origin of Species and contemporary Christian theology.

Throughout this dialogue, Elizabeth Johnson has “asked the beasts” what they can teach us about the world we all live in:

• Seen through the eyes of science, all living beings have emerged through a powerful, unscripted evolutionary process.

Seen through the eyes of ecology, all beings alive today – along with the planet itself – are under increasing stress caused by human action (and inaction).

Seen through the eyes of humankind, people of every language, nation, culture and religion are called to work together for the earth and all its species.

• Seen through the eyes of Christian theology, all living beings are dependent on the Spirit of God, who creates and indwells the whole community of life.

• Seen through the eyes of Christian ecology, caring for the earth and all its species is the necessary spiritual response to God’s own loving intent for Creation.

Ask the Beasts ends with the following question, directed especially to Christians:

The dialogue between Darwin’s view of evolution
and Christian belief in the God of love
has now led us to a crossroads:

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