Reflections on the reading – Chapter 2


You are the ‘hero’ of your own story

1. You grew up in a world that felt normal and familiar; this was your home.

(In the ancient myths, you may even have been of royal blood or of divine origin;
but you weren’t yet aware of your True Self. )

2.  When you grew older you found the courage to go on a journey.

(To find your True Self, you had to leave “home”.)

3. But on the journey you are deeply wounded. As you wrestle with your pain
as you try to understand it you begin to see that the ‘wound’ is changing you.

(Your ‘wound’, it turns out, is the secret key – even the sacred key –
that opens the door to your Real Life.)

4. Wounded, you find yourself ‘falling’ into your Real Life,
which before now has been hidden from you.

(Most of us think the world we were born into is Real Life,
but now we discover Real Life flowing beneath the surface of ordinary life.)

5.  Wounded and awakened, your journey now takes you back home.

(But with your new awareness of the Real Life that flows beneath the ordinary,
you can see “home” much more clearly than before.)   

6.  Coming home, you have brought a gift to share with others.

(Your journey, though it has been filled with struggles, has not depleted you;
now you have energy – and gifts – to share with others.)  




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