Lectio for chapter 9

‘Holy  Reading’ Using a Work of Art *

Road to Emmaus Bonnell
Luke 24:13-35
(The Road to Emmaus, by Daniel Bonnell)


Lectio Divina, an ancient monastic practice, is a meditative way of reading Scripture.  Visio Divina is another way of holy ‘reading’, opening up God’s message through art.

Practicing ‘Visio Divina’

Lectio:  Read  the picture slowly and quietly. Give it time to open up in you.

MeditatioReflect   upon what the picture is saying to you – and what you want to talk to God about – because of what the picture suggests or represents.

OratioRespond   by writing down what has entered your spirit.  Now circle a word or phrase from what you have written.

ContemplatioRest  with your word or phrase, allowing the Holy Spirit’s wisdom to speak to your spirit.

*  Adapted from Rita King, “Praying with Icons and Images: Visio Divina” 



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