Poems, Prayers and Promises – Images for Prayer

From our discussion of ‘The Dwelling Place of God’, on February 19

Poems, poetic images, art, music…
in addition to their beauty,
they invite us into the mysterious fullness of reality,
a Reality we cannot comprehend without remaining open to its fullness.

Richard Rohr writes (in The Naked Now)

Non-dual thinking is “our ability to read reality in a way that is not judgmental, in a way that is not exclusionary of the part that we don’t understand.  When you don’t split everything up according to what you like and what you don’t like, you leave the moment open, you let it be what it is in itself, and you let it speak to you… Reality is not totally one, but it is not totally two, either!  Stay with that necessary dilemma, and it can make you wise.”

For Biblical images of the Spirit: http://faithmatters.us/praying-with-biblical-images/

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